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vente caviar

vente saumon

vente produits de la mer, caviar saumon



In Spain, we produce one of the best caviare of the world. Come and taste it.

M. Pierre Dupont, D.G. explains to us:

The partnership between one of the most important culture of sturgeon of Europe Rio Frio and Of Winter Group SA, Swiss group of communication specialised in the promotion of agro food products, allows to offer in the best conditions a range of exception.
Discover the incomparable taste of our caviare by buying online your caviare. Also discover the best smoked et other sea food on our online boutique, foie gras, truffes, wines,...

Our gastronomes research for you the nicest products worked out by the local artisans. By their sides, they imagine then other tastes and scents. Of this collaboration fond of good food are born unpublished creations, worked out with natural ingredients.
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